Relaxing activities in the very near area…………

Want to explore the surroundings accompanied by a guide?

Domaine Airborne offers several opportunities to our guests.

We like to guide you around areas of your choice to introduce special locations.

In the case you already have some historical knowledge and want to expand your knowledge, we can mediate for a professional tour guide.

With one or more day trips you will be informed in detail about the events during D-Day.

Timely reservation is requested.

Domaine Airborne offers other exciting excursions as well.

In a relaxing mood or adventurist mood, you can make your own choice.

Shopping in Bayeux or Cherbourg, a visit to Le Mont Saint Michel, the Channel Island Jersey or a boat trip in nature park Cotentin are also among your possibilities.

Adventuresome guests have the opportunity to discover the beautiful bocage paths with their own All Terrain Bicycle. Riding through the fields, crossing the historical paths, you will enjoy the hilly landscape.

The manor-house Domaine Airborne could also be the starting point for exciting hiking tours in natural surroundings. Following the lines on the map you may pass several historic locations.