Relaxing activities in the very near area…………

Would you like to discover the area accompanied? Domaine Airborne offers various options to its guests for this; with or without original Willys Jeep!

We are happy to show you around the areas of your choice to introduce you to the different historical locations. In doing so, we share with you what we have discovered in recent decades.

You choose;

  1. A Jeep tour with a minimum duration of 2.5 hours through the area of ​​the paratroopers. This can be expanded with many other historical locations in the area of ​​UTAH beach.
  2. Full-day tour by passenger vehicle. We visit the area around UTAH beach and OMAHA beach.
  3. A tour with a passenger vehicle for two days. We visit the area around UTAH beach, OMAHA beach, GOLD beach, JUNO beach and SWORD beach.
  4. A personalized tour where we follow in the footsteps of your family member. We can do research in advance on the basis of the information supplied.
  5. A multi-day tour with a mix of war history and historical sites.

All tours are private tours and for our guests. We tell you the history of the historic locations with the help of original photos, maps and infographics. For all tours you must make a reservation in time!

But also for guests who have a different area of ​​interest, there are numerous excursions available. This can be done with or without our guidance. There is something for everyone in a relaxed atmosphere or sporty setting. Shopping in Bayeux or Cherbourg, a visit to Le Mont Saint Michel, a visit to the canal island of Jersey or a boat trip through the natural park of Cotentin is possible.

For sporty guests there is the possibility to discover the beautiful bocage paths with your own ATB bike. You can enjoy the hilly landscape straight through the meadows and on historic paths. We have detailed maps available for this.

The farm of Domaine Airborne can also be the starting point for beautiful walks through a natural environment. With a map in hand you pass various historical locations.

Domaine is an ideal starting point for a multi-day stay ………